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About Us

More than 40 years of experience in the field of hand-tools business in Taiwan, DPREY Co., Ltd. was found in 2016 to provide complete and one-stop service of tools sourcing for global customers.

Our Vision

The impression of tools is always stored in toolboxes hidden away somewhere in the house or in the corner of garages to be kept out of sight. DPREY’s vision is to break away from traditional tool design concepts, injecting soft and ergonomic design elements, and be relatively eye-catching visually, so that tools can be integrated into our lives naturally and harmoniously like other household products.

Our Story

The parent company of DPREY Co., Ltd. is a factory that manufactures and assembles special purposed machines for screwdrivers and bits. In order to provide a more complete manufacturing chain; it has successively started a product processing department to manufacture screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, L-Key wrenches, sockets and other tool accessories.

Not only for tools scouring, DPREY has also helping to design the aesthetic products, that users need as the source of creation for DPREY.

Let’s Work Together