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Our Service

Reliable partnership, complete and satisfactory service.

With a strong commitment to hand tools R&D and relevant technology applications. DPREY has a solid relationship with the manufacturers of material suppliers, forging, CNC lathe processing, engraving, heat-treatment, sand-blasting, vibration and chrome plating etc. to provide a complete service for worldwide customers.

Bits Manufacturing Process

01   Coil material

02   Cutting

03   Lathe Turning

04   Milling

05   Stamping

06   Heat-treatment

07   Sand Blasting

08   Plating

Socket Manufacturing Process

01  Forging

02  Lathe Turing/Chamfering

03  Center Lathe Grinding

04  Engraving

05  Knurling

06  Heat-treatment

07  Sand Blasting

08  Barrrel Polishing

09   Chrome Plating

Ratchet Manufacturing Process

01   Hot Forging

02   Surface Grinding

03   CNC Lathe Turning

04   Machine Center Milling

05   Stamping

06   Heat-treatment

07   Sand Blasting

08   Barrel Polishing

09   Chrome Plating

10    Assemble Drive Head

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